Victoria White Case Study

Victoria White Case Study

Victoria admits that she’s a bit of a night owl. With a hectic work schedule and active social life, getting sufficient beauty sleep is a distant memory.

Unfortunately, her sleep deprivation came at a price; puffy eyes and dull tired looking skin!

In Victoria’s line of work, she needs to look and feel great to be on top of her game in the boardroom.  Her lackluster visage was a problem she needed to fix.

Fortunately for Victoria, her best friend recommended the Ceremony White concentrated serum, which is rich in nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties to help rejuvenate and replenish firmness of the skin.

She also suggested switching out coffee for white tea, so that the powerful anti-oxidants in the tea could work its magic internally and externally.

At first, Victoria was reluctant to change her skincare routine and kick her coffee habit at the same time. However, she decided to go with her best friend’s suggestion and gave the white tea regime a whirl.

The results were pleasantly surprising.  After just three days of applying the white tea serum and drinking the white tea daily, her face began to look and feel radiant and supple. After a week, the puffiness in the mornings had also significantly reduced.

An additional bonus was that to her surprise, the White Tea keeps her going throughout the day, meaning she has been able to kick her unhealthy and expensive coffee habit to the curb!

All in all Victoria is delighted with the positive impact a change in her skincare routine has made to how she looks and feels.

Ceremony Skincare worked for Victoria.

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