Ceremony Subscription Box

Enjoy the Elegance of a Japanese Tea Ceremony in a Box Delve into the graceful world of a Japanese Tea House. Ceremony Subscription Box invites you to experience the elegance and beauty of a Japanese tea ceremony. Revel in the detailed Chanoyu rituals which call for preparing tea with one’s heart, where every movement and every gesture is dedicated to the guest attending the ceremony.

When you become a subscriber of Ceremony Subscription Box, you enter our scared tea garden where we treat you like the Shokyaku, or the chief guest, around whom the ceremony revolves. As you drink the tea and enjoy its health benefits, indulge in a variety of delicious Japanese Wagashi confectionery from across Japan. We recreate the ambiance by including Japanese cultural items, scrolls, tea accessories etc.

Secrets of the Box

Each box is designed keeping in mind the Japanese tea ceremony and its philosophy of Wa, Kei, Sei, Jaku or harmony, respect, purity, tranquility.  The products included in every box revolve around central theme which could be to relax, destress, uplift, revitalize, rejuvenate, refresh and detox. The box you subscribe will contain any or all of a variety of samples size Japanese inspired skincare items, Japanese tea, tea accessories, haiku, waka, hanging scrolls, flowers, small plants, cultural items and much more. It will also contain a selection of items from Ceremony’s own range of beauty, bath and nutrition products. To add an element of mystery and excitement, the box can contain some surprise items that will be revealed to you only when you receive and open the box.

Ceremony Products

Ceremony’s Products are inspired by ancient Japanese beauty and skin care regime which are based on the various types of tea grown in Japan. We pick the teas that have remarkable skin and hair treatment properties for our products. These are then incorporated in our range of beauty and bath products. We care for you, hence we use only non GMO and organically grown tea from Uji, Kyoto and Yame. These teas are grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticidse. Only traditional organic fertilizers are used to nourish these delicate teas so that they maintain their beautiful flavor, health benefits and medicinal qualities.

All of Ceremony products use either white tea and tea extract or green tea and tea extract. Each tea has its own qualities and benefits. Our white tea line of beauty and bath products are ideal for youthful skin and an active outdoor life. The green tea line of products are ideal for mature skin that requires greater care.

Subscriptions to Suit Your Needs

We have a variety of subscription boxes for you to choose from. Each of our box is designed for a different experience. Pick the exact experience you wish to have. Pick the frequency at which you wish to receive your box of delight and subscribe to the amazing benefits of pure Japanese tea and skin care products.

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