Skincare Range

The Ceremony skincare range is an extension of our commitment to holistic beauty principles.

We have worked hard to craft and formulate 100% natural and organic skincare products to benefit women with all skin types, harnessing the highest quality Japanese Green and White tea as the cornerstone of our skincare line.

Scientific research provides conclusive evidence that the antioxidants, catechins and tannins in tea can provide considerable benefits when consumed internally and applied topically to the skin.

Green Tea primarily helps to:

  • Treat acne and pimples
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Maintain youthful skin
  • Reduces red inflamed skin



White tea on the other hand is less processed than green tea and thus has the higher catechin levels and higher antioxidant value.

White tea has been proven to:

  •  Prevent wrinkles by protecting collagen and elastin in your skin
  •  Replenish your skin’s firmness
  •  Reduce puffy inflamed skin
  •  Provide advanced protection from sun damage.



Aside from the obvious skincare benefits, you will not find any synthetics, parabens or other harmful ingredients in any of our products.

We are 100% committed to being a natural and organic skincare brand. To achieve this we have blended other high quality natural Japanese ingredients to supplement our green and white tea lines:

  •  Apple Fruit Extract
  •  Hemp Seed Oil
  •  Camellia Oil
  •  Yuzu
  •  Rice Bran Oil
  •  Aloe Vera
  •  Rice Bran Powder
  •  Sea Salt
  •  Cedarwood
  •  Sandalwood
  •  Shea Butter
  •  Sweet Almond Oil
  •  Sunflower
  •  Grapeseed
  •  Rosehip
  •  Chamomile.

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