Yame Matcha Tea 100g

Yame Matcha Tea 100g

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Uji is an area in Kyoto, Japan, that has been famous for its superior quality tea for nearly 1000 years. Uji is known a Japan's tea capital, and the high hills of this region are responsible for producing the best green tea in the country. These hills provide the ideal conditions for making unpolluted, completely organic

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Matcha green tea has been used in Japanese tea ceremonies for around 900
years, usually by privileged monks and royalty. This supremely healthy and
aromatic drink is now available for you to enjoy, and the whole world can enjoy
the therapeutic benefits that it can bring.

Among the most renowned tea growing regions in Japan is Yame, a beautiful
mountainous area that flows with crystal clear rivers, and provides ideal
conditions for growing perfect Matcha green tea. You can taste the nature in
every sip!

Our Organic Yame Matcha Tea uses fully organic leaves from the Yame region,
which are grown in the shade before harvest to enhance their green color, taste,
and health benefits. The leaves are de-stemmed and powdered to make a
ceremonial grade tea that rivals the famous Uji Matcha tea, but is less expensive.

To join in with an ancient Japanese tradition, and enjoy a drink that you will
come to fall in love with, give our Yame Matcha Tea a try.


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