Nourish Tea Blend 100g

Nourish Tea Blend 100g


Rich in antioxidants, the Nourish herbal tea blend from Ceremony helps to improve skin tone, strengthen hair and nails and promote longevity. The Chinese White Tea protects the skin from UV rays. It has antibacterial qualities which helps to prevent skin infections and reduce cancer risk. The blend includes some other super herbs and fruits that make it a very potent skin, hair and nail tonic. These ingredients are – freeze dried mango, lemongrass, gotu kola, bamboo leaves, calendula petals, red clover and rosehip. The flavour is a complex floral, resinous and citrus blend which is very light and delicate. This nourishing tea is best brewed in water that is an ideal 80 degree Centigrade. Steep for 3 minutes to extract the goodness of the herbs and their flavour. Drink hot without milk.

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Base: White Tea (Chinese)

Flavour Profile: Light and delicate with subtle complexity

Target Functionality: Skin, hair and nail health (nourish)

Ingredients: Rosehip, Chinese white tea, chamomile, freeze-dried mango, lemongrass, gotu kola, red clover, bamboo leaves, calendula petals.

Brewing: 80 degrees, 3 mins, without milk


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