Green Tea Face Exfoliator 80g
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Green Tea Face Exfoliator 80g


Ceremony’s Green Tea Exfoliator is carefully blended with nature’s finest antioxidants to gently cleanse, buff away dead skin cells, and unclog pores to reveal soft, smooth, radiant skin able to breathe.

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Green Tea Face Exfoliator 80g

This Green Tea Exfoliator uses the peach of the shell, gently removes the dirt of the skin and keeps it moisturised. It contains antioxidant effects and prevents aging of the skin.

Suitable for oily acne prone and combination skin, Ceremony’s green tea exfoliator combines peach seed powder which forms the basis of the scrub, with the finest green tea found on the Pacific coast of Midland Japan. The camomile extract works to balance the female hormone keeping breakouts under control. The addition of silver gives the exfoliator an anti-bacterial property keeps your skin clean and healthy.

This luxury scrub is packed with other powerful antioxidants and natural goodness like Aloe Forex which combat breakouts, dull skin and signs of aging while also keeping excess oil under control.

A formula as delicately complex as it is gentle, the green tea exfoliator also contains humectants to lock in moisture. All making the perfect product for a naturally soft and sensitive exfoliation.

11 reviews for Green Tea Face Exfoliator 80g

  1. Monsi Hamzat

    I love love love this exfoliator. It is perfect for my sensitive skin and it does not contain those harsh beads. It is very gentle but does the job of clearing my skin. A little always goes a long way and does the perfect job of clearing out my pores

  2. Hilary

    I love this exfoliant so much that I not only buy it for myself, but it’s my go to gift for all my friends. I couldn’t imagine giving them anything else!

  3. Gerri

    I hate how many black heads I have, and I’ve been addicted to getting facials to get rid of them. The problem is that facials are so expensive, and sometimes the person doing them doesn’t clear out all the stuff clogging my pores. This stuff not only clears my pores, but it is a fraction of the costs.

  4. Annah

    I have skin that breaks out really easily if I use anything that’s too harsh. I can’t just go to the store and buy any product I see. A friend of mine recommended this exfoliator and I was surprised by how well it cleaned my face and how there was no redness or breaking out after. It was amazing!

  5. Fiona

    It’s really hard to find products that will clean your face without leaving your skin feeling dry or sticky. This stuff always cleans my face, but on top of that makes my skin feel really soft. It’s the same feeling as when I use lotion on my face after a relaxing shower. I wouldn’t trade this exfoliator for the world.

  6. jamie-lee

    Using this exfoliator is really easy compared to some of the other products out there. All you have to do is rub it onto your hands and massage it into your skin. You may doubt that it’s doing anything, but when you wash it away, you’ll notice how different your face looks. It’s like a whole new kind of clean—and you’ll feel great after too!

  7. Amy

    I was looking for a new kind of facial cleaner, and I didn’t really think much about this product. However, after using it for a few weeks, I’ve been getting so many compliments about how clear and bright my skin looks. One person even thought I was several years younger than I actually am. I swear by this exfoliator now.

  8. Demi

    I spend so much money on other products like this that never worked or made my skin itchy. After the deep clean I got from this exfoliant, I won’t be trying anything else.

  9. Racheal

    I never go a single day without using this exfoliant. I even pack it away with me when I travel so I’ll always be prepared for any occasion.

  10. Aiko

    If you’re looking to clean your face and feel like you’re glowing after, then this is your fix. It’ll clear out your pores while bringing out your natural glow.

  11. Cherry

    I have really oily skin, and this stuff gets in there and really does a number on that oil. I finish my morning routine feeling clean and refreshed.

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