Everyday Matcha Tea 100g
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Everyday Matcha Tea 100g

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Loaded with antioxidants and catechins, Matcha tea is a superfood by itself. When blended with other superfoods and herbs like Lucuma, ginger and cayenne, you get nutritious drink that will take care of all your daily needs for essential minerals and vitamins.

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Japanese Matcha Green Tea, Lucuma, Ginger, Cayenne.

Loaded with antioxidants and catechins, Matcha Tea is a superfood by itself.  When blended with other superfoods and herbs like Lucuma, Ginger and Cayenne, you get nutritious drink that will take care of all your daily needs for essential minerals and vitamins.  The Everyday Matcha is formulated for health conscious people who are on the go.  The tea is easy to prepare and can be added to juices, soups, milkshakes, smoothies quickly and easily.  It helps to boost immunity, fight diseases and promotes healthy hair and skin.  It contains powerful anti-aging agents and energy boosters that help you to stay fit and energetic throughout the day.

Benefits: Boosts Immune System, Promotes Healthy Hair and Skin, Helps Concentration and Boosts Energy.

10 reviews for Everyday Matcha Tea 100g

  1. Bella

    I used to drink a lot of caffeine in the morning to get myself ready for the work day. Now I just make a mug of tea and that takes care of me for most of the day!

  2. Jenny

    I love tea, but I’ve never had a tea that makes me feel so calm and renewed. I have so much energy—it’s like I’m twenty years younger.

  3. Brian

    This tea makes my stomach feel so much better when I am having an anxiety attack. I always keep some in my purse because it acts faster than any meds I got from my doctor.

  4. Erica

    You won’t believe how great this works until you try it. It does so much more than you’ll ever believe.

  5. Nicola

    I’ve always had a really hard time with my weight, and I tried everything. I did diets, I did energy pills, I did training. I was tired and hungry all the time. Because of some heavy meetings at work, I started drinking this tea during my commute instead of wasting time on breakfast, and I already lost ten pounds! I’m so excited to finally be getting smaller, all thanks to this tea.

  6. Sharon

    I used to have trouble digesting food, and would end up with real bad stomach aches. Sometimes I would miss work just because I had something for breakfast that didn’t agree with me. A friend gave me this tea because they thought it would help. It did, and now I just have a cup with every meal.

  7. Maria

    I use this tea with every meal and it’s like my magic potion. I get full faster and I stay full longer. This helps me to make sure I’m only eating when I’m actually hungry, and that I don’t overeat. Since I started drinking this tea, I can honestly say that not only have I lost a ton of weight, but all my clothes are looser and I look smaller. Amazing stuff!

  8. Jordan

    There are all these commercials about stuff you can do to make your nails tougher and honestly, I think I did them all. My nails break so easily, and nothing I do changes that. I started drinking this tea because I wanted to use it to lose weight, but what I didn’t expect was that it would also make my nails thicker so I could finally start growing them out.

  9. Dave

    You make this tea like most other teas, and drink it alone or use it in regular food you would eat like soup or smoothies. What more do you want? It literally couldn’t be any easier. I noticed my hair stopped falling out so much and I felt less anxious all the time. Overall, I just felt better and noticed a real improvement.

  10. Jessica

    From achy joints to upset stomach—I always keep some of this tea in my bag and in my house. No matter what’s going on, I know that this tea is going to make me feel better and do it without making me spend a ton of money or spend lots of prep time getting it ready. It take two seconds and then you’re on your way to feeling better.

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