Jennifer Leung Case Study

Jennifer Leung Case Study

Jennifer has been a model and actress for the past 10 years.

She is constantly in and out of make-up and spends long day’s on set which eventually took a significant toll on her skin. As a result, her pores were often clogged which led to oily and acne prone skin.

Jennifer had to shoot with very little notice, meaning that during a flare up, she wouldn’t be feeling her best and she knew she risked aggravating her skin even more by trying to cover up her skin with even more cosmetics.

Things came to a head when Jennifer starting to lose work because of her flare-ups.  She knew she had to do something to restore the natural balance and the appearance of her skin.

After researching a variety of options, natural skincare ingredients with only organic ingredients emerged as a decent option. Giving her skin a break from artificial ingredients seemed sensible.

During Jennifer’s search for natural skincare alternatives, she discovered the power of Green Tea and how many with similar skincare issues testified to the healing properties that it has.

Luckily a fellow model told Jennifer about Ceremony products and how they have helped her deal with similar issues.

She decided to try the Green Tea Advanced line, the cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer. She also replaced tea and coffee with Matcha Green Tea.

Three months later the results, and the results have been stunning!

No more break-outs or oily skin at inconvenient times.  The exfoliator and toner have really cleaned up the scars and evened the skin complexion.

Jennifer is thrilled with the results!

Ceremony worked for Jennifer

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