Japanese Skincare Secrets: 7 ways to maintain youthful looking skin

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “porcelain skin”, it was probably mentioned while describing an East Asian woman. For centuries, Japanese women have perfected the art of keeping their skin ageless.

Aside from favourable genetics, they take exemplary care of themselves. The reward for this level of dedication is usually healthy, youthful skin that is the envy of women all over the world. These results are what puts Japan on the map as the go-to source for skincare secrets.

Achieving flawless, youthful skin is not impossible. Here’s a list of Japanese skincare secrets which will help you to maintain youthful looking skin do to keep their skin:

Avoid harsh chemical-based skincare products

Japanese women who stick to the age old traditions handed down through generations use natural skincare products over chemical based ones. Some even go by a popular rule that states that if you cannot eat a skincare product, it should not be applied on the skin. Even years before science explained the pitfalls of skincare products laced with parabens, synthetic fragrances and other nasties, they already understood just how much damage harsh products can cause over time. Remember It doesn’t matter if you don’t see an immediate effect from the product, be sure that the damage has already been done.

Take pride in your bare face

The concept is to have skin so flawless, you don’t need makeup. This is even more beneficial for your skin as prolonged makeup use actually has its own negative effects. Makeup clogs the pores, trapping dirt, oils and other particles in the skin. It’s worse when the makeup is not taken off properly, which means prolonged exposure to those particles. This could result in breakouts and other skin infections. Skin issues like these wear the skin and make it look like it’s been through a lot. Intense care is needed to totally erase these effects and sometimes, they never fully disappear

Base your diet and skincare around Japanese tea

Green and white tea is one of the  most important skincare ingredients for Japanese women. Apart from the word of Japanese women (with their skin as evidence), many scientific research pieces have confirmed just how effective green tea and white tea can be when it comes to remedying skin complaints and helping to maintain healthy and youthful skin.These Japanese teas are packed with anti-inflammatory properties that help the skin stay calm. This means you shouldn’t expect random outbreaks on your face when you use  Japanese teas topically and internally. They also contain antioxidants that help your skin fight against damage from the elements.


Stick to a good skincare routine

Skincare routines are not something Japanese women do when they are in the mood or when they remember, it’s a lifestyle! Japanese girls are put on skincare routines as early as 7 years old. Their skin gets constant care and maintenance from that age so it is no surprise that it turns out flawless. A typical morning Japanese skincare routine might look like this:

  1. apply cleanser/face wash
  2. apply toner lotion (constricts pores and completes cleansing process)
  3. apply anti-aging  serum (contains active ingredients to provide the nutrients and antioxidants the skin needs)
  4. apply moisturiser (seals in active ingredients in the serum)ceramony produt images (10 of 10)



In the evening a typical Japanese skincare routine looks like this

  1. apply cleansing oil (removal of make-up)
  2. apply cleanser/face wash (removes sebum and excess dirt built up during the day
  3. apply toner lotion
  4. apply Japanese sheet mask (twice a week)
  5. apply anti-aging serum apply moisturiser

Moisturize your skin properly

Their skin is always hydrated and well moisturized. The best options for Japanese women are creams made with tea extracts and natural oils. The natural oils are usually cold pressed with little to no chemical refining. Moisturizing is essential if you’re looking to protect your skin’s youthfulness. Moisturizing keeps your skin soft and hydrated, preserving the elasticity of your skin.


Avoid any contact with the sun

This is probably the most important one. For centuries, Japanese women have recognized the sun’s effect on the skin and have been able to identify it as the No. 1 cause of skin aging signs. They’ve been correct all along because this has been proven. The sun emits three types or rays but only two get to the earth. They are the UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are responsible for skin burning while UVB rays are responsible for skin aging. These rays cause serious skin issues like age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and many more skin issues that are less popular but are just as serious.

For Japanese women, the solution is very simple, avoid the sun. Even when they go out during the day, you can spot them with UV protecting umbrellas and clothing accessories like hats and gloves, designed to prevent direct contact between the sun rays and the skin. They also load up on sun protection, using sun-screen all day. Sunscreen is supposed to be used during the day, being inside your house or behind a window does not protect you. The only time you shouldn’t be wearing sunscreen is at night. Drinking green tea and using skincare products made with green tea extracts help to repair sun damage done to the skin and is also proven to act as natural skin protection.


Maintain a strict diet

Though they don’t see it as a diet exactly, for people from other parts of the world, it definitely is. Japanese women consume only fresh foods and their fish and meat. They also prepare their meals delicately and take care not to overcook their food. Most of the fish they consume are eaten raw. They understand that your skin is a reflection of what you put in your body. For them, skincare is a lifestyle and they cannot afford to consume anything that would have an adverse effect on them. Because of this, Japan has been recorded as one of the countries with the lowest obesity rate.


If there’s one thing that is clear at this point, it is that healthy, youthful skin doesn’t come easily. A common misconception is that Japanese women have “good genes” which is why their skin is usually flawless but we can see that there is a fair amount of worthwhile work and effort that goes into maintaining youthful healthy skin. stay dedicated to your beauty regimen, use the right products and eat and drink healthy.

Dedication and consistency in habits is the key.

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