Japanese Skincare Secrets: How To Maintain Your Complexion

The beauty world is focused on Asia now for leadership and there’s a good reason why. We can’t deny that Asian women must be doing something differently, considering that the vast majority have perfectly radiant and ageless skin. No matter her age, it is very hard to find a Japanese woman with bad skin.

Japanese women are known for their flawless, radiant skin and complexion which makes you wonder, what is their secret? It obviously goes beyond using the right cleansers and moisturisers. So what makes their skin so different and keeps them looking ageless? From a green tea obsession to edible skincare, keep scrolling to find out the Japanese skincare secrets

1. They avoid the sun at all costs

Their sun protection goes beyond slathering on sunscreen. Yes, they use sunscreen but they also protect themselves from direct contact with the sun. A typical Japanese woman goes around with a wide hat or umbrella to cover herself, especially during the intense hours when the sun is most dangerous to the skin. They use specially designed UV umbrellas that sun rays cannot penetrate to get to the skin.

2. All the green tea they can get

They use green tea in every way; they drink it and also use it for topical application. They prefer to use skincare products made out of green tea than any other natural main ingredient. This is because green tea is loaded with antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. They defend the skin cells from any attack by free radicals and sun damage.

3. They don’t use much makeup

They try to keep their makeup minimal. With flawless skin, they don’t really need it which is a good thing. Makeup is a layer of different things that can clog up your pores and promote oil build up which could lead to breakouts. They treat makeup as an option, not an essential product. Even when they use makeup, they keep it natural looking and apply as little as they can, just enough to get the look they are going for.

4. They keep a strict cleansing ritual

They cleanse every night with no excuse. Even though most of them wear little to no makeup, this is a rule that they all follow. They cleanse their skin properly at night before bed. This is very essential because night time is when your skin cells go to work. Skin repair and regeneration takes place at the peak sleep hours, your skin should be in its best condition during those times.

5. They use a lot of oils

While on this side of the world we prefer oil free products, Japanese women can’t get enough of oils; they prefer to use products that are loaded with them. Their whole cleansing down to moisturizing process can be with only oil based products. Oils are best for dislodging makeup and dirt that could clog the pores and cause skin issues. The key is to know what kind of oil you are using. Avoid using mineral oil, this oil clogs up the pores and leaves a film of grease on the skin after use. The type of cleansing it would require to take off would not only remove the oil, but also our natural oils (produced in our glands) that are necessary for good skin health.

6. They invest in good facial masks

Facial masks are a very important part of Japanese skincare. They provide optimum hydration which is very important, they go deeper to cleanse the skin and provide nourishment to the skin. One common type of beauty mask is the lotion mask. It’s an early form of sheet mask where Japanese women saturated silk with distilled flower water and placed it on the face. These days, there are several ready made sheet masks for purchase.

7. They include a lot of fish in their diet

Instead of red meat and deep fried foods, Japanese women prefer to consume meals that are made with seafood. They eat their fish in different ways, from raw to grilled. Seafood naturally contains essential oils, fatty acids and nutrients that all contribute to good skin health.

8. They keep their skincare edible

Yes, edible! Their belief is that anything that could poison you if you eat it, should not be put on your skin. We might see that as a bit too extreme, but that is one of the reasons why their skin stays flawless through decades.

Their rationale? The Japanese understood just how porous the skin is for centuries before science revealed that to us. According to them, the things you apply on your skin would eventually absorb and end up in your blood stream. So if you’ve been slathering on toxic beauty products, that’s going to end up inside you.

9. They exfoliate the right way and regularly

Smooth skin is not an option for a Japanese woman, it is a necessity. It is essential that the dead skin cells are constantly gently removed. This makes the skincare routine more effective and allows the products to penetrate the skin easily and work better.

10. They load up on vitamin C

Their vitamin C use goes beyond topical application, they make sure it is always a part of their diet. Vitamin C use is the best way to fight dull skin and hyper-pigmentation. It is also a very important ingredient for collagen production. Collagen is the basis of youthful skin which means it keeps the skin ageless. Vitamin C also helps to treat sun damage on the skin.

For the Japanese women, the final secret ingredient is the “Mie-nai Oshareh” meaning “unseen beauty”. It refers to the poise and carriage of a woman, which cannot be obtained from any beauty product. It also refers to the inner glow that shines naturally from just doing the things you love. This is the kind of beauty that cannot be bought, rather, it is learned and embraced.

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