How Japanese Tea Supports your Holistic Skincare Routine

Holistic skincare focuses on healing. Healing is used as a repair method, but most importantly, a preventive method. It is aimed at keeping the body in a constant state of total well-being. Holistic products usually include the ones you can apply topically (on the skin) and the ones you ingest. This is because the skin is a reflection of what goes on inside the body. The topical products are kept at the highest possible quality and always mostly comprised of natural ingredients. Their preservative ingredients are also natural such as essential oils and colloidal silver.

The sad truth about the beauty industry is that, for years, companies have made billions feeding off the fear of their customers. They inform them of skin issues they might have, invoke fear about skin aging and then provide “miracle” cures for these issues. These cures usually end up half empty in the back shelves when the unfortunate buyer realizes that all she has on her hands is an expensive jar of chemical goo.

This is why we need to understand holistic skincare and how to incorporate it into our skincare routine.

There was a time when many people, even professionals, believed that holistic skincare was not as effective as the conventional products but results have proven them wrong. Many are beginning to understand just how important it is to feed the skin with natural care products.

One of the most prominent ingredients in holistic beauty is Japanese tea. Both green and white tea have proven to deliver impressive benefits for the skin, their skincare uses are endless.

Japanese White Tea



Some of the benefits of Japanese tea are:

  • They prevent sun damage to the skin
  • They are loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body
  • They cure and prevent skin infections such as acne, dermatitis and other skin issues
  • They tighten and reduce the appearance of pores
  • They slow down and reverse skin aging signs
  • Topical application kills fungi, bacteria and viruses that can cause skin issues


Feed Your Skin

For Japanese women, tea is one of their best kept skincare secrets. The flawless state of their skin and their seeming never aging beauty is proof of how effective it is. Tea has always been known as a herbal drink and its benefits are well documented. When ingested, green and white tea flushes out toxins from the body, healing your skin from the inside out.

Japanese tea

When topically applied, we know that it penetrates the skin, healing inflammation, micro cuts, infections and other skin damages.

Building a good skincare routine that involves the application of tea products will reverse years of damage and prepare your skin to ward off attacks from the elements.

Apart from these amazing benefits, tea is excellent at hydrating your skin, leaving you with a glow that starts from the inside.

Using a holistic skincare approach assures you that you are not exposing yourself to any form of toxic substance. These substances usually don’t affect you at the time of use. The damages they cause usually accumulate over time until they reach a dangerous level.

There is nothing more assuring than the knowledge that what you use on your skin and put into your body will have positive effects.  Incorporate Japanese tea into your holistic skincare today.

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