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I’ve always had a hard time getting make up off my face after a night out. I’m usually rubbing my face for a long time, and even then there’s some still left on my skin. Ceremony changed all that—I don’t have to wipe my face as long as I usually do. Only after a few minutes, my make up is gone and my face looks fresh. I love Ceremony’s Green Tea Face Cleanse!

Diane Stevenson

Indiana US

Make up usually leaves my skin looking puffy and red, especially after a long day and all the scrubbing it takes to get it off. Unlike other cleansers that make my skin feel dry and irritated, Ceremony takes away my make up while also making my skin feel soft and smooth. Goodbye red spots!

Katie George

New Mexico

I use Ceremony more for how smooth and soft it makes my face feel. I tend to have very dry skin, and every night before going to bed, I rub it onto my face, rinse it off, and wake up to a fresh, moisturized face. If I go a day without using it, I notice it right away—my skin doesn’t look as healthy or smooth as usual. This works better than your average lotion, plus it makes your face feel clean.

Jackson Diaz

New Mexico

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