Five Proven Skincare Benefits of Green Tea

With all the hype around natural skincare, it can be difficult to find the right natural ingredients that actually delivers tangible results for your skin’s health and appearance.
For centuries, Green tea has been an integral part of Japanese culture. Japanese women have used green tea to great effect benefiting from the antioxidants found in this hero ingredient by looking after and pampering the skin internally and externally. If all your green tea bags are still stuck in your kitchen cabinets, studies show that your skin is missing out on a whole lot of love! Here is a list of five proven skincare benefits of green tea.

1. Green Tea treats and prevents acne

Green Tea contains antibacterial properties that kill and prevent skin infection by acne-causing bacteria. Green Tea also reduces the production of sebum (oil) on the skin which is good news for anyone battling oily skin and acne.

Various scientific studies (link) recommend both drinking organic green tea and natural applying topically on the skin. If our current skincare routine is letting you down we recommend trying a natural green tea exfoliator, face wash, toner and moisturiser as well as cleansing from the inside with a natural green tea.

2. It reduces sun damage to the skin

According to a recent study in the British Journal of Nutrition the catechins abundant in green tea particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) can make your skin more resistant to UV radiation.


Sun damage is the number one skin aging factor which is why we are constantly encouraged to wear sunscreen every day before going out. You can turn your sun protection up a notch by drinking organic green tea and incorporating green tea in your skin care ritual which will provide natural resistance to the sun rays.

3. It tightens up pores and slows aging signs

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and when applied topically (on the skin), it will work to slow down the signs of aging on the skin. To use it to this effect, try switching out your regular toner for a green tea toner mix.

4. It makes a good exfoliating scrub for glowing skin

It is perfect to remove dead skin cells which cause the skin to appear dull. Green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties which help speed up the repair of any damaged skin cell. This way you can safely but effectively remove the dead skin cells, helping new skin to surface giving the skin a healthy and attractive glow.

5. It clears up dark circles

Have you been battling dark circles and puffy eyes? The caffeine in the tea helps to shrink dark vessels under the skin and diminish the black circles under the eyes.

You can use it by placing used tea bags (damp but cool) on your eyes and taking a few minutes to lay back and let the tea do its job. Alternatively, a highly concentrated green tea serum will do the trick.

If you want to incorporate green tea into your daily and nightly skincare routine, head over to our green tea product page.



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