The Story Behind Ceremony Skin Care

Ceremony Skincare started out with a goal and a vision to create a skincare range completely free from parabens and chemicals. We set out to create a range of products that would be natural and organic and would treat the skin from the outside in. We have done that by using traditional Japanese health supplements and detox high quality organic teas. At Ceremony we blend the ancient philosophy and ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony – Wa, Kei, Sei, Jaku which stands for “harmony, respect, purity and tranquillity” with modern western aesthetic applications.
Upon creating our skincare range we faced numerous challenges, after speaking with skincare labs and scientists from around the world, we discovered that it would not be possible to create a product completely free from chemicals. This lead us on our own journey of learning, research and discovery, where we learned from top natural & organic brands around the world. One book in
particular inspired us along the way and kept us on track with our goal and mission was the book entitled “Toxic Beauty” by Dawn Mellowship. Dawn stated


“Every year people absorb two kilograms of chemicals through beauty and cosmetics as well as through daily household cleaning agents, which lead to cancer, endocrine disruptions, reproductive complications, allergies, cell mutations and tumours.”

It is for that very reason that Ceremonys focus and mission will be to continue producing natural and organic skincare products. We bring a blend of the perfect balance between ancient Japanese philosophies and the appreciation of aesthetics and western practice and have achieved excellence in all- encompassing beauty from the Outside-In. Along the journey we have learned the importance of taking control of your personal well-being through, diet, meditation, yoga, exercise and being mindful about what you put in your body.

We created these products to find a healthy answer to western skincare and lifestyle, and the Japanese philosophy was our inspiration. We believe that Japan encompasses the home of healthy living, and we can make a difference by passing our Japanese secrets of western beauty and health on to you.

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